Life Zone Infrared Quartz Heater Benefits

Many people have some kind of heater in their home. It may be state of the art or it may be one that has been passed down through the generations, either way, nothing quite compares to the Life zone infrared quartz heater. So what can this heater do, and how does it stand out from other heaters on the open market? The answer is quite simple. This heater is top of the range and it uses six elements to deliver a steady supply of heat to the room of your choice. Made by Life Zone, it is fully zoned and it is programmed for efficient distribution as well and these are just a couple of the things that make this heater truly unique. You will also find that it has infrared and quartz technology as well, so you never need to worry about it burning out over time or after long periods of use.

Added Convenience

The great thing about the Life zone infrared quartz heater is that you can control it by the console. This is ideal if the heater is in a convenient location, not to mention that it gives you an added sense of control when it comes to the temperature and the internal thermostat as well. You will also find that it comes complete with a remote control as well, so if you want to turn up the heat in a room without leaving the comfort of your own chair, this isn’t a problem at all. With a programmable timer and temperature system, you can effectively swap between low and high outputs so this heater is great for any large family home and it is also great if you don’t have a heater for the winter as well so it is a solid, all-round piece of equipment.

Overhead infrared heaters : Harnessing Heat

A quick search for the term “overhead infrared heaters” will yield various results, and not all of them have the same features and uses. Numerous companies have all sorts of models, and it can be difficult to decide between all the options. In order to determine the right product for your needs, it’s important to look at what defines an overhead infrared heater.

Infrared heaters are different than traditional heaters. Most heaters heat the air, creating a warmer surrounding temperature, but infrared heaters will heat objects directly, much like the sun. As such, a person won’t feel the heat of an infrared heater unless they are directly in the path of the element. Overhead infrared heaters can be mounted or hung on the ceiling, providing heat for objects that are under them.

Overhead infrared heaters have many purposes. Large heaters can be used for industrial purposes, such as baking and drying material, though it often requires several units to heat a large area. These heaters aren’t meant to heat an entire home or building, but rather objects that are under the heating element. These heaters are perfect for heating a small area, such as an open doorway in a warehouse, and many of these heaters can also be found in garages and workshops, usually situated right over a workbench. These heaters can also be useful for home decor projects, such as drying paint.

These types of heaters vary greatly; some of them hook up to a gas line, while some run off of electricity. The elements can be made from a variety of materials, such as steel, copper and iron. Some overhead infrared heaters are meant to stay stationary once they’re installed, and some are portable and can be quickly set up or taken down.

Now that we’ve looked at what an overhead infrared heater is, let’s take a quick look at a highly rated example of one of these heaters, the Howard Berger Ceiling-Mount Quartz Heater. This heater has a quartz element that provides safe and fast heat, helping to minimize time spent waiting on the element to warm up. The tilting bracket can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, helping to focus the heat where you need it. Finally, this heater has two different settings, one for 760 watts and one for 1500 watts, making this overhead infrared heater versatile in many climates.

Overhead infrared heaters come in many forms, but nearly all of them heat objects directly, as opposed to heating the air around objects. This makes these heaters very useful for heating small areas, and though they won’t soon replace the convenience of a central heating unit, these heaters are perfect for providing small, focused bursts of heat for a variety of projects and surroundings.Check out more on Amazon page

Live smart with life zone infrared heaters

With the winter arriving, the life zone infrared heater will definitely provide you with the supplemental warmth when air starts to become really chilled outside. The principle of its work function is completely different from any other devices. An emission of thermal energy takes place due to which it warms the objects which are directly pointed towards it like the floors and walls making the entire room really comfortable to stay in. The warmth is maintained for a long period of time and one of the major advantages of the life zone infrared heater is all the surfaces are heated uniformly. The area of heat emission is much bigger which helps in the uniform heating throughout the room.

life zone Infrared heater Elements

There are different warming elements that are present on these infrared heaters and the elements help in soft and even heat distribution that uniformly warms the nearby objects and people present within the room without compromising the overall humidity level. The heat settings will definitely allow you in attaining maximum warmth while a considerable amount of energy is saved on the ECO mode as it-self will regulate the wattage for maintaining a constant heater temperature.

The programmable timer and the temperature functions that are installed will help you in programming your room in infrared room heater mode with which you come on and go off at any time you need it to. The contemporary cabinets are cool in design and look very unique. The cabinet is designed in such a way that the outer layer is completely cool which makes it safe if children or any other persons from accidental touch in the outer part of the cabinet. The portable life zone infrared heater is light in weight and presented with roll-around casters that allows easy room to room mobility.

The infrared heaters are also available in quartz technology that provides safe and even distribution of heat. In the large LED display, you will be able to see the temperature of the heater. The beautiful designs include attractive furniture with a finish of grade wood cabinet in a rich, stain and dark vent are completely convenient to touch and that is the reason it is safe for children. The caster wheels are effective for the safe and easy portability from one place to another. The infrared quartz tubes are completely non combustible and the filter is absolutely washable.

LifeSmart Infrared Tower Heater

One of the first things you’ll notice when seeing the LifeSmart Infrared Tower Heater is that it looks so smart, compact and modern in design that it would fit perfectly within any modern furnished room without looking out of place.

Even if used within a large room the tower heater is highly efficient, offers healthy heat and is very safe. When you get down to the heating basics of the LifeSmart Infrared Tower Heater you will discover there are three long quartz elements wrapped in a metal heat exchanger coil; one of the key reasons why this heater is so efficient.

These electrical components are always guaranteed for one year and the washable air filter is backed up throughout the entire life of this heater. But what is so dynamic about the heater is its three eco-saving settings where you can heat small rooms like a child’s bedroom to a temperature of 20c (68F) using just 500 watts.

There is a safety element about the LifeSmart Infrared Tower Heater in that the surround – as well as looking stylish in any room – is not hot to the touch. And then you have this model’s light weight of just 14 pounds, making it simple to move from one room to another.

The product acts entirely to the instruction you program it to – it could be said it’s more of a smart heater in that the (supplied) remote control operates a digital thermostat giving you ultimate control. You can actually program the heater to turn on or off up to 12 hours ahead, which is ideal is you are out for the day or want it to turn off during the night when you are asleep.

The unit is very small compared to those long old-fashioned heater which once balanced precariously in our chilly lounge or bedroom areas many years ago. This does sit very comfortably and sturdy too. At first glance it might seem as the tower heater is like an old stereo speaker with its 8.5 x 11.5 x 18.2 inch dimensions and at just 14 pounds in weight you can move it around the room to suit.

The heater has three settings of high, low or eco and the user can program the heat readings to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. This product is a big seller on Amazon and you can see the image of the product and understand why.

Lasko Infrared Heater: High Temperatures at Low Costs

When it comes to heaters, Lasko is known for its performance as well as reliability and safety. This is evidenced by the fact that all Lasko space heaters come with some great heating and safety features; reliability is evident by the fact that all Lasko infrared heaters come with 3-year limited warranty.

Lasko infrared heaters, in particular, are the best quality you can get for their price. Not only that but the impact they have on the electric heating bills is anything but minimal—it can lower the electric bill for heating by as much as 35%. In fact, if you are looking to keep the bills at reasonable levels this winter, the best choice you can make for yourself is to use central heating only sparingly when it is absolutely needed, instead use the portable Lasko infrared heaters. Lasko 6101 Infrared Quartz Console Heater provides the best value for money in that regard.

Primary Features of Lasko Quartz Console 6101 Infrared Heater

  • 2 Heat Settings along with Auto and Save-Smart Technology.
  • Digital thermostat with 8 hours timer
  • LCD display
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Easy mobility

Description and Details

Featuring 6 quartz elements and a blower system which circulates the heated air throughout the room Lasko Cool-Touch 6101 infrared heater can thoroughly warm the room. Moreover, it has a Save-Smart technology which helps in energy efficient operation. The electronic thermostat has the high-heat, low-heat, auto and Save-Smart setting which allow you to customize the amount of warmth emitted to suit whatever you prefer and maintain a selected level of comfort while conserving the energy.

Lasko Cool-Touch 6101 infrared heater comes with a multifunction remote which enables you to make quick adjustments to heater from wherever you are in the room. And it also has a safety switch to shutoff the heater to ensure safety and protection from any overheat situation while exterior always remains cool to touch, so there isn’t any possibility of a burn due to touching it. Finally, the timer makes it perfect enabling user to preset different operations 8 hours in advance.


This Lasko infrared heater’s best and most efficient feature is its energy saving technology. It uses high heat to reach the temperature that you require of it but then shifts to very low heat so that a constant temperature can be maintained without wasting too much energy. When it reaches 3 degrees above the required temperature, it would automatically shut itself down—both to save energy and to prevent overheating.

Add to the above features such things as the digital thermostat, timer and recessed casters which make it easy to move around, along with its tip-over safety switch and overheat protection and it becomes a great heater for almost all kinds of needs. Moreover, it is really easy to clean because the built-in filter can be comfortably vacuumed making maintenance really easy while further reliability is added by its 3-year warranty. I would certainly give it an 9 out of 10. you must check it out here 

Infrared Heating System Review

If you belong to a cold area, an infrared heating system is more of a necessity for you. However, with such a huge number of infrared heating systems available in the market, one can’t help but be baffled as to which one is going to be the most suitable for him. Taking this into consideration, we have mentioned Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt as one of the finest model available in the market. But you are not required to take anything for granted. We have reviewed the product below thoroughly in order for you to make an informed decision.


The first and the foremost benefit that you are prone to relish provided that you choose Dr Infrared Heater is that of quality. With the backing of a brand name, you can be sure that you are spending your precious money on something that is going to be worth every single penny. The promise of quality is a huge benefit of choosing Dr. Infrared Heater.


If you are looking for a perfect blend of quality as well as affordability, then Dr. Infrared Heater is going to be a commendable option for you. Currently priced at around $125 on Amazon, the aforementioned product is highly competitive in terms of affordability in the market.


The list of conspicuous features that Dr. Infrared heating system has to offer may include and is not confined to the following:

  • Advanced dual heating system that is newly engineered and designed in USA
  • Working on 1500 Watts with heating capacity that lies between 50-85 degrees
  • State of the art technology that enhances the rate of heat transfer
  • Evenly heated space up to 1000 square feet. Capacity to produce around 60% more heat as compared to any other model. Great as a supplemental source of heating
  • Ensures highest levels of safety with an authorization of Underwriter Laboratories (UL) USA and Canada
  • None of the exposed elements are hot which make it safer for pets and children
  • Tip over protection system as well as the overheat cut off
  • Infrared heating system is manufactured by a factory that provides such equipment to Home Depot and Sears

It is to be kept in mind that the above mentioned are only a fraction of the benefits that the aforementioned product has to offer in reality.

Customer Rating:-

There is no argument over the fact that customers rating is one of the most substantial proof of the quality that a particular product has to offer. Having said that, since Dr. Infrared heating system has an average customers rating of 4.2/5 on Amazon while it has already been reviewed by more than 1500 customers. With such a remarkable customers rating, it can almost be taken for granted that choosing the aforementioned product is not going to be a disappointment in any regard.


In the light of the above mentioned information, it can almost be taken for granted that there are a number of benefits of choosing Dr. Infrared heating system over all other alternatives available in the market. It won’t be wrong to state that choosing the aforementioned product is going to be a decision that you won’t have to regret ever. It is going to be worth every single penny that you will end up spending on it thereby avoiding any sort of disappointment that may be associated with purchasing the product. So what are you waiting for? Get the product now and see the difference for yourself. If you are looking for more information regarding the product, you may want to CLICK HERE.

Menards infrared heaters

An infrared heater guarantees a high temperature via electromagnetic radiation. In essence, the heat produced by infrared heaters produce heat is similar to that by the sun. Thus, such heat is easily absorbed by us and the items around us. The use of infrared heaters embodies multifarious benefits, many of which are not known. Here are a few !

Reasons why you should purchase a Menards Infrared heater

Safety Matters –

Heaters generally contain the big question of safety. Buyers are extremely cautious as to this aspect. Infrared heaters are surely safe as its core never gets high as compared to a traditional heater. These heaters are covered in a protective metal sheath which protects the surface from getting too hot. Thus, the surface of the heater can conveniently be touched without the danger of being burnt or hurt.

Low Maintenance –

Most heaters bear the hassle of constant maintenance. Menards Infrared heaters are appreciable as they are free of such tedious maintenance tasks. Ideally, it is devoid of moving parts, motors or air filters that demand regular maintenance. Thus, buying an infrared heater is indeed the right choice as it leads to lowering of maintenance costs.

Heat Matters –

Infrared heaters give off heat that is hot and comfortable irrespective of the outside temperature. A hot coil resides in the heater which transfers heat very conveniently to those nearby and around.

Environmental Friendly –

Infrared heaters integrate the principles that relate to environment protection. As a responsible citizen, the use of Menards infrared heater is highly in line with the need of resource saving. Such heaters are known for operating without carbon combustion, toxic byproducts or fuel leaks. Thus, these exceptional features render Menards Infrared heaters very attractive and desirable to own!

Equals to Cost –

Statistics are witness to the fact that infrared heaters can save up to 30% to 50% of heating costs. This feature is very on point, especially in today’s time where everyone wants to minimize their costs and expenses and at the same time extract the maximum service. And admittedly, Menards Infrared Heaters provide you exactly that!


Menards Infrared Heaters are acclaimed as being effective and efficient in heating. It is compared to the noisy and ineffective kinds and ranges of other heaters which are also more costly at the same time. In addition to this, infrared heaters are also recommended the most because they do not give off dry heat. This is a very significant quality of our heaters, especially when the other available heaters excel at that!

At Menards, they offer a range of infrared heaters, each customized to your choice and preference. We recognize your needs and aim to deliver the right product equating that. For this, we have heaters appropriate for your bedrooms, lounges, drawing rooms, office rooms, meeting rooms and much more. So shop at Menards and make the right choice!

Compelling Reasons to Acquire Infrared Heaters

With so many heaters for sale in the market, make sure to choose the best device. In the first place, what is infrared heater? This device produces heat that has practically the same temperature as the sun. Infrared light is not visible but the spectrum is absorbed by the skin, clothing and similar objects. Infrared heaters will heat up areas which are only directly in front of the furnace. These heating systems are powered by electricity, flammable or natural gas. The machine also has different output levels, controls and designs.

The Mechanism of Infrared heater

The mechanism produces heat quickly and prevents cold air from engulfing the room. It is effective if you are coming in from outside or simply sitting on the sofa and want to get warm fast. The motor is silent because it is not fitted with a fan. It is perfect for bedrooms that require absolute silence especially at night. Heat coils surround the source of heat which transfers it evenly equally around the living space. A smooth metal mirrors the heat that reaches out several yards.

Experts say infrared heaters are better compared to other warmers because these do not decrease humidity or oxygen inside the room. Other heating devices produce static electricity or even cause health hazards. What is infrared heater?  It is popular among many homeowners because the device generates heat similar to natural sunlight. You need not worry about the harmful effects of ultra-violet or UV rays. According to some research studies, infrared heat also promotes circulation of the blood.

Such heating systems do not emit contaminants. The household equipment has no carbon combustion, poisonous by-products, exposed flames and hazardous fuel lines. It is cost-effective since the heater only warms particular locations and objects.  The device works right away. Thus, it is not necessary to pre-heat the room.

Majority of infrared heaters consume a minimal 300 watts of electric power with practically a hundred percent of the heat circulated around. Maintenance is negligible considering that the small machine has no moving components. The motor does not deteriorate. Besides, the heater functions minus expensive air filters and lubrication. Just clean the reflector regularly so the unit works continuously. Designs look elegant and match numerous types of furniture, home accessories and decorations.

What is infrared heater? What are the best infrared heating devices in the market? These are two questions that consumers normally ask before purchasing this equipment. You may look at products in Amazon such as the Dr Infrared Heater. Check it out on Amazon


It is described as a newly-engineered and designed modern heater with efficient heating capabilities especially for the cold months of winter. The sophisticated dual heating capacity and high-velocity, low-noise blower boasts of rapid heat distribution. You can keep warm and save on electric bills at the same time.

Common heaters simply warm a room. An infrared heater also heats fixtures and guarantees the highest amount of heat along with energy efficiency. Find the heater that will provide you with maximum heating requirements.

Stay Warm & Save Money With The Dr Infrared Space Heaters

When the winter months roll in, heating your entire home can become incredibly expensive. To make matters worse, you are often forced to run the heat through the entire house, even when you are only using one or two rooms at any given time. It is here where the energy bills, and waste, really start to add up. What many people not be aware of is the amount of waste that comes when heating the home in the traditional manner. All of that heat rises and escapes the room, which is why things get so toasty hot up in your attic space.

One way to keep all that heat where it belongs is with an infrared heater. The heat that these devices generates actually stays with the objects in the room, allowing the space you are using to stay at the temperature you have the heater set at. With a traditional heating system, you have probably found that getting just the right temperature to make you comfortable can be tough, which is why you need to think about making the switch to infrared. If you go searching for an infrared ap heater, you are going to find that there are a lot of different units on the market. Some are better than others, and we particularly like the Dr Infrared Space Heater, which you can get from Amazon for about $125.

One of the things that we love about this particular unit is that it is portable as well as powerful. The unit comes in at 13 x 11 x 16 inches, and weighs just over 23 pounds, which means it’s easy to get it from room to room. The heater delivers up to 1500-watts of energy, but can also be set to deliver a little less, if that is what you wish. You might well believe that all that power would mean that you would have a noisy device in your room, but the blower is incredibly quiet, s there will be no need to crank up your TV in order to hear.

Another great feature of the Dr Infrared space heaters are Portable Heater and it comes with a remote control. You do have to manually turn on the unit, but once it is up and running, all of the controls are right at your fingertips. You can have a low (1000-watt) setting, or get more heat with a high (1500-watt) setting. You can also run the unit in Auto mode so that it will keep your space at a steady, even temperature as needed.

There are a number of safety features built in, including an automatic shut-off that kicks in when the unit is tipped over. This is simply one of the best infrared heating units available today. It heats your space quickly, and will save you money on your energy bills in the winter months. In short, this is a heater that will pay for itself before you know it.

What is the best Infrared Heater

Every people want to buy the best Infrared Heater but many people are usually at a loss when buying infrared heaters especially since the mode of operation is different. This is because for starters the market has two types of infrared heaters and they are;

  • Infrared radiant heaters
  • Infrared room heaters

It has been established that the best infrared heaters are the infrared room heaters since they have much greater heating power and are capable of heating a 1000 square foot room or an area that is up to 1500 sq ft! This is great for those winter months and is the most preferred when compared to the infrared radiant heaters, which lack enough heating power.

In the event that you are thinking of buying an infrared heater, it is important to consider factors such as how many square footage it can heat and the life expectancy. How heavy and big it is together with whether it has a warranty are also things to consider. Most high quality infrared heaters have warranties so these are the ones you should consider if you need an infrared heater that will last for long. Some of the best infrared heaters not only provide you with warmth and heat but they also come equipped with additional capabilities that add on to their benefits. They contain;

  • A built in humidifier
  • A built in air purifier
  • Remote control

If you are looking to save money, consider buying a cheaper model that contains at least one or two of the above mentioned since this will mean that it is within the range of the best infrared heaters. Consider the above mentioned and you will be glad that you did!