Eden Pure Gen 3

Eden Pure Gen 3

Eden Pure Gen 3

Eden Pure Gen 3

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        Customer Satisfaction





            • 3 Year Warranty


            • Digital Display
            • 20,000 Hour Heating Element
            • Delayed Start Function
            • Scroll Cage Fan


            Eden Pure is probably the most highly advertised infrared heater on the market right now featuring endorsements from well known home improvement guru Bob Vila and actor Richard Karn.  They have  done a very good job getting the Eden Pure brand into the minds of consumers through an hour long infomercial on late night TV and full spread ads in many newspapers.  Many of the other companies who manufacture quartz infrared heaters have Eden Pure to thank for educating the public on the immense benefits of using an infrared heater in their home.

            Reviews of Eden Pure’s Gen 3 model are mixed.  There are 113 reviews of the Eden Pure Gen 3 Model 1000 on Amazon.com.  Of those reviews, 55 consumers gave it a one-star rating and 33 gave it five-star rating.  After reading through the reviews it was obvious that owners of this heater either love it or hate it which lines up with what I’ve heard from the folks I’ve talked to about their Eden Pure.  Half of them have loved it and are very loyal to the brand, while the other half are very dissatisfied. For the ones who gave it a five-star rating there were zero problems with their unit.  There was no mention of customer service or the warranty.

            On the other had, the consumers who gave the Gen 3 a one-star rating complained of more than one issue.  Probably the most common complaint I’ve heard is that the heater stopped working after about a year of use.  This is probably due to the lower quality (as compared to other brands) heating elements used in their heaters.  As in all infrared heaters ,the heating elements, like a light bulb, will eventually burn out and need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, for the consumer, Eden Pure fails to mention that the heating elements will need to be replaced several times throughout the life of the machine.  They have further complicated the process by making it impossible for the customer to change the elements themselves, unlike many of the other brands, which leads to the second biggest complaint about the Eden Pure brand.

            Instead of being able to maintain the unit from the comfort of their own home, the customer is forced to box up their unit and ship it to Canton, OH for repair.  They have to pay to ship the heater to the warehouse plus more fees for replacement bulbs and labor.  This process usually leads to many complaints about customer service.  Replacing the elements is something that should be easy enough for the consumer to do in the home, but Eden Pure has made the heaters next to impossible to get into.  The Gen 3 has about 90 screws in the cabinet making it very cumbersome to open the machine.  What this tells me is that they absolutely DO NOT want you opening their heater.  It’s unclear to me as to why they would not want the users to be able to maintenance the heater themselves  unless they were uncomfortable showing you the insides of the heater or intended on making more money by requiring you to send it back to them, or both.

            The Eden Pure also tends to be noisier than other brands due to the cheap box style type fan (Gen 3) as opposed to a scroll cage fan.  The three cylindrical heating chambers housing the heating elements are open-ended exposing wires to heat causing them over time to become brittle and possibly melt or catch fire.  The thermostat is a cooler to warmer gauge that makes setting a specific temperature impossible, as opposed to the very accurate digital thermostat in other brands.

            In my opinion, Eden Pure seems to be more about quantity produced rather than quality of product.  If you’re lucky enough to get one with no problems you will most likely love it and sing it’s praises, but beware of duds!!

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