How to find best Infrared Quartz Heater

Infrared quartz heaters are a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a portable infrared heater that can provide them with comfortable warmth without spiking their energy bills each month, and without the exorbant price tag that some other types of personal heaters carry. Infrared quartz heaters are also well known for their even heating—meaning they won’t leave one half of the room icy cold.

It can be difficult finding just the right infrared quartz heater simply due to the fact that there are so many heaters out there on the market today. However, if you are looking for the very best of the best, consider the following factors when you are shopping for your new infrared quartz hater.

What brand is the heater?

Brands aren’t always everything, as anyone who has purchased a faulty item from a supposedly big name company can tell you. However, brands can mean something when that brand has an established and positive reputation in the business. In this case, you should look for brands known for their quality heaters and, whenever possible, stick to the companies who have the experience, knowledge and reputation to back up their products.

Likewise, avoid any brands that have a history of products that just aren’t up to par.

How often will you use the heater?

Some heaters are just not cut out for long-term use, whether it’s over the course of a day or weeks. If you expect to use the heater for many hours during the day, or every day for several weeks, make sure you get a sturdy, high quality model that can withstand that use.

What is your budget?

Your budget can affect what infrared quartz heater you ultimately purchase. Ideally, you should expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $300 on most decent portable infrared heaters, but this can vary from brand to brand and even from model to model. Large models, models with more functions, and other complex models will often cost more; while simple models can sometimes cost less.

It is always better to spend a little more money on a quality heater that is more likely to do the job—and less likely to be faulty, which is annoying but more importantly possibly dangerous—than to save a few dollars on a cheaper model.

Do you have a style in mind?

There are a surprising amount of styles available when it comes to infrared quartz heaters. If you’re choosy about the style of your heater, you may find that some models are more visually appealing than others. Some companies offer models in many styles—include retro styles, sleek modern styles, and traditional styles such as the Dr. Infrared Company’s Portable 1500-Watt Space Heater, which is available on

Final thoughts

Choosing your perfect infrared quartz heater for your home isn’t always easy—but if you keep the previous factors in mind while you shop around, you will have a much easier time narrowing down your choices.

Infrared Water Heater

In a world where energy efficiency is something we all seek, electrically-heated infrared heaters are just one smart choice among many. They can radiate up to 86% of their input as output-able energy.. Almost all the input energy is converted into radiant heat by a filament which is then often directed by reflectors. Sometimes some heater’s energy is lost along the way from the heating element by both processes known as conduction or convection, though not always. Some designs have reached the point where precisely the desired level of heat escapes the heater, what would otherwise be considered loss. Some of the most efficient and best used heaters in the industry are in fact those that work underwater. Their particular level of efficiency often out-performs those that do not work in the water. Pools throughout the continent use these kinds of heaters, as they come with both financial advantages as well as performance superiority. The simple fact is that more often than not, the greatest and most economical choice to heat any sort of water-based pool, are Infrared Water Heaters.

Electric infrared garage heater

Are you looking for an electric infrared garage heater? Not sure what to look for or how to go about choosing the best one for your purposes?  In this short article we will look at the basics of infrared garage heaters and some specific brands. You will have all the necessary info to make an informed buying decision to help you keep your garage warm this winter.

The Benefits Of Electric Infrared Garage Heater

Infrared heating method has some distinct benefits compared to other heating alternatives and kinds of heaters. Here are some of those benefits:


Homeowners are looking for ways to cut down their heating bills during winter months. Infrared heating only heats a specific area not the whole home, therefore you are making better use of the heat and it will not increase your heating bill dramatically.


Infrared rays mimic sun rays and the surrounding environment absorbs them fairly good. The temperature of the room increases and no harmful emissions are sent out. With garage infrared heaters, they slowly heat up the garage instead of providing dramatic temperature changes. Since the heat transfer is even you won’t get any hot spots in the garage. Even if there is a wind or draft, the heating ability of the electric infrared garage heater will not be effected.


Some other models of heaters have the side effect of making the room air dry, however infrared garage heaters do not impact the air moisture. As a result incidences of dry skin, itchy eyes and sore throats are eliminated.

Reduce Risk-

Every year there are many heater related accidents that can be avoided. One obvious risk factor is the temperature of the heating element itself and if it is accidentally touched by children or pets. Serious bodily harm can occur. This is not an issue with infrared garage heaters. The risk is further reduced because they cannot be tipped or pushed over.

Minimum Maintenance-

There are no moving parts so the maintenance of infrared heaters is minimal. The result is lower long term costs. Over time the reflector will have to be cleaned and the heat sourced will need replacing to keep the infrared heater functioning optimally for a long time.

A great choice for an electric infrared garage heater is HeatStar which is available on Amazon. Other brands worth consideration include Mr Heater, Dr Heater and Optimus.

Effective Infrared garage heater

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Victory Heater

Victory HeaterFEATURES: Uses Quartz Infrared Elements To Produce Evenly Distributed Warm, Comfortable Heat Lifetime Washable Filter Easy To Use Multi-Function Display With Remote (CR2025-3V Battery Included) With Timer And Auto-Restart After Power Outage 1500 Watts / 5120 BTUs on High and 1000 Watts / 3412 BTUs on Low Easy To Use Multi-Function Display With Remote (CR2025-3V... Read More »

Eden Pure Gen 3

Eden Pure Gen 3HERE IS OUR FULL REVIEW Eden Pure is probably the most highly advertised infrared heater on the market right now featuring endorsements from well known home improvement guru Bob Vila and actor Richard Karn.  They have  done a very good job getting the Eden Pure brand into the minds of consumers through an hour long... Read More »

iHeater IH-1000 and IH-1500

iHeater IH-1000 and IH-1500The iHeater is another well recognized name in infrared heaters due to an infomercial that has been running for the last few years.  It has many of the same features as most of the other infrared heaters on the market today, with a couple of exceptions.  The  iHeater boasts that it’s newest model can cover... Read More »

Bio Smart Infrared Heater

Bio Smart Infrared HeaterBio Smart Classic Premium Edition Although the infrared heater by Bio Smart Solutions is not one of the heavily advertised heaters out there it is definitely one of the better-made ones.  I think that Bio Smart has chosen to focus more on quality rather than quantity.  Their Classic Premium Edition offers an impressive list of... Read More »

Comfort Furnace

Comfort FurnaceIf you are trying to figure out a way to save money on your heat bill this upcoming winter then you are not alone. More than likely your research has led you to infrared heat at one time or another. Infrared heaters have become all the rage the last couple of years and there are... Read More »