Electric infrared garage heater

Are you looking for an electric infrared garage heater? Not sure what to look for or how to go about choosing the best one for your purposes?  In this short article we will look at the basics of infrared garage heaters and some specific brands. You will have all the necessary info to make an informed buying decision to help you keep your garage warm this winter.

The Benefits Of Electric Infrared Garage Heater

Infrared heating method has some distinct benefits compared to other heating alternatives and kinds of heaters. Here are some of those benefits:


Homeowners are looking for ways to cut down their heating bills during winter months. Infrared heating only heats a specific area not the whole home, therefore you are making better use of the heat and it will not increase your heating bill dramatically.


Infrared rays mimic sun rays and the surrounding environment absorbs them fairly good. The temperature of the room increases and no harmful emissions are sent out. With garage infrared heaters, they slowly heat up the garage instead of providing dramatic temperature changes. Since the heat transfer is even you won’t get any hot spots in the garage. Even if there is a wind or draft, the heating ability of the electric infrared garage heater will not be effected.


Some other models of heaters have the side effect of making the room air dry, however infrared garage heaters do not impact the air moisture. As a result incidences of dry skin, itchy eyes and sore throats are eliminated.

Reduce Risk-

Every year there are many heater related accidents that can be avoided. One obvious risk factor is the temperature of the heating element itself and if it is accidentally touched by children or pets. Serious bodily harm can occur. This is not an issue with infrared garage heaters. The risk is further reduced because they cannot be tipped or pushed over.

Minimum Maintenance-

There are no moving parts so the maintenance of infrared heaters is minimal. The result is lower long term costs. Over time the reflector will have to be cleaned and the heat sourced will need replacing to keep the infrared heater functioning optimally for a long time.

A great choice for an electric infrared garage heater is HeatStar which is available on Amazon. Other brands worth consideration include Mr Heater, Dr Heater and Optimus.

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