Lasko Infrared Heater: High Temperatures at Low Costs

When it comes to heaters, Lasko is known for its performance as well as reliability and safety. This is evidenced by the fact that all Lasko space heaters come with some great heating and safety features; reliability is evident by the fact that all Lasko infrared heaters come with 3-year limited warranty.

Lasko infrared heaters, in particular, are the best quality you can get for their price. Not only that but the impact they have on the electric heating bills is anything but minimal—it can lower the electric bill for heating by as much as 35%. In fact, if you are looking to keep the bills at reasonable levels this winter, the best choice you can make for yourself is to use central heating only sparingly when it is absolutely needed, instead use the portable Lasko infrared heaters. Lasko 6101 Infrared Quartz Console Heater provides the best value for money in that regard.

Primary Features of Lasko Quartz Console 6101 Infrared Heater

  • 2 Heat Settings along with Auto and Save-Smart Technology.
  • Digital thermostat with 8 hours timer
  • LCD display
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Easy mobility

Description and Details

Featuring 6 quartz elements and a blower system which circulates the heated air throughout the room Lasko Cool-Touch 6101 infrared heater can thoroughly warm the room. Moreover, it has a Save-Smart technology which helps in energy efficient operation. The electronic thermostat has the high-heat, low-heat, auto and Save-Smart setting which allow you to customize the amount of warmth emitted to suit whatever you prefer and maintain a selected level of comfort while conserving the energy.

Lasko Cool-Touch 6101 infrared heater comes with a multifunction remote which enables you to make quick adjustments to heater from wherever you are in the room. And it also has a safety switch to shutoff the heater to ensure safety and protection from any overheat situation while exterior always remains cool to touch, so there isn’t any possibility of a burn due to touching it. Finally, the timer makes it perfect enabling user to preset different operations 8 hours in advance.


This Lasko infrared heater’s best and most efficient feature is its energy saving technology. It uses high heat to reach the temperature that you require of it but then shifts to very low heat so that a constant temperature can be maintained without wasting too much energy. When it reaches 3 degrees above the required temperature, it would automatically shut itself down—both to save energy and to prevent overheating.

Add to the above features such things as the digital thermostat, timer and recessed casters which make it easy to move around, along with its tip-over safety switch and overheat protection and it becomes a great heater for almost all kinds of needs. Moreover, it is really easy to clean because the built-in filter can be comfortably vacuumed making maintenance really easy while further reliability is added by its 3-year warranty. I would certainly give it an 9 out of 10. you must check it out here 

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