Menards infrared heaters

An infrared heater guarantees a high temperature via electromagnetic radiation. In essence, the heat produced by infrared heaters produce heat is similar to that by the sun. Thus, such heat is easily absorbed by us and the items around us. The use of infrared heaters embodies multifarious benefits, many of which are not known. Here are a few !

Reasons why you should purchase a Menards Infrared heater

Safety Matters –

Heaters generally contain the big question of safety. Buyers are extremely cautious as to this aspect. Infrared heaters are surely safe as its core never gets high as compared to a traditional heater. These heaters are covered in a protective metal sheath which protects the surface from getting too hot. Thus, the surface of the heater can conveniently be touched without the danger of being burnt or hurt.

Low Maintenance –

Most heaters bear the hassle of constant maintenance. Menards Infrared heaters are appreciable as they are free of such tedious maintenance tasks. Ideally, it is devoid of moving parts, motors or air filters that demand regular maintenance. Thus, buying an infrared heater is indeed the right choice as it leads to lowering of maintenance costs.

Heat Matters –

Infrared heaters give off heat that is hot and comfortable irrespective of the outside temperature. A hot coil resides in the heater which transfers heat very conveniently to those nearby and around.

Environmental Friendly –

Infrared heaters integrate the principles that relate to environment protection. As a responsible citizen, the use of Menards infrared heater is highly in line with the need of resource saving. Such heaters are known for operating without carbon combustion, toxic byproducts or fuel leaks. Thus, these exceptional features render Menards Infrared heaters very attractive and desirable to own!

Equals to Cost –

Statistics are witness to the fact that infrared heaters can save up to 30% to 50% of heating costs. This feature is very on point, especially in today’s time where everyone wants to minimize their costs and expenses and at the same time extract the maximum service. And admittedly, Menards Infrared Heaters provide you exactly that!


Menards Infrared Heaters are acclaimed as being effective and efficient in heating. It is compared to the noisy and ineffective kinds and ranges of other heaters which are also more costly at the same time. In addition to this, infrared heaters are also recommended the most because they do not give off dry heat. This is a very significant quality of our heaters, especially when the other available heaters excel at that!

At Menards, they offer a range of infrared heaters, each customized to your choice and preference. We recognize your needs and aim to deliver the right product equating that. For this, we have heaters appropriate for your bedrooms, lounges, drawing rooms, office rooms, meeting rooms and much more. So shop at Menards and make the right choice!

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