Overhead infrared heaters : Harnessing Heat

A quick search for the term “overhead infrared heaters” will yield various results, and not all of them have the same features and uses. Numerous companies have all sorts of models, and it can be difficult to decide between all the options. In order to determine the right product for your needs, it’s important to look at what defines an overhead infrared heater.

Infrared heaters are different than traditional heaters. Most heaters heat the air, creating a warmer surrounding temperature, but infrared heaters will heat objects directly, much like the sun. As such, a person won’t feel the heat of an infrared heater unless they are directly in the path of the element. Overhead infrared heaters can be mounted or hung on the ceiling, providing heat for objects that are under them.

Overhead infrared heaters have many purposes. Large heaters can be used for industrial purposes, such as baking and drying material, though it often requires several units to heat a large area. These heaters aren’t meant to heat an entire home or building, but rather objects that are under the heating element. These heaters are perfect for heating a small area, such as an open doorway in a warehouse, and many of these heaters can also be found in garages and workshops, usually situated right over a workbench. These heaters can also be useful for home decor projects, such as drying paint.

These types of heaters vary greatly; some of them hook up to a gas line, while some run off of electricity. The elements can be made from a variety of materials, such as steel, copper and iron. Some overhead infrared heaters are meant to stay stationary once they’re installed, and some are portable and can be quickly set up or taken down.

Now that we’ve looked at what an overhead infrared heater is, let’s take a quick look at a highly rated example of one of these heaters, the Howard Berger Ceiling-Mount Quartz Heater. This heater has a quartz element that provides safe and fast heat, helping to minimize time spent waiting on the element to warm up. The tilting bracket can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, helping to focus the heat where you need it. Finally, this heater has two different settings, one for 760 watts and one for 1500 watts, making this overhead infrared heater versatile in many climates.

Overhead infrared heaters come in many forms, but nearly all of them heat objects directly, as opposed to heating the air around objects. This makes these heaters very useful for heating small areas, and though they won’t soon replace the convenience of a central heating unit, these heaters are perfect for providing small, focused bursts of heat for a variety of projects and surroundings.Check out more on Amazon page

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